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All versions of Mirth® Connect for Windows, Linux and Mac from their official links from NextGen® Healthcare.

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Mirth Connect by NextGen Healthcare is an open-source healthcare integration engine that facilitates easy, fast, and scalable interoperability among various systems. It allows for the integration of messaging across different systems, offering a suite of tools for developing, deploying, and monitoring various connection interfaces both easily and intuitively. Mirth Connect is great filtering and transforming messages between diverse protocols and standards and allows integrating systems that do not conform to standard messaging.

As a mature, reliable, and extensively used application, Mirth Connect is perfect for managing substantial, corporate-level projects. It is a robust system equipped with a wide range of powerful and versatile tools, that make it an ideal solution for any healthcare interoperability challenge.

Download Mirth Connect 4.5

The latest version of Mirth Connect 4.5 is Mirth Connect 4.5.0 that was released on 31 January 2024.

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Mac OS X

Download Mirth Connect 4.4

The latest version of Mirth Connect 4.4 is Mirth Connect 4.4.2 that was released on 6 November 2023.

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Mac OS X

Previous versions of Mirth Connect 4.4

Outdated versions

Critical Vulnerability in Mirth Connect: CVE-2023-43208

A significant vulnerability, identified as CVE-2023-43208, has been discovered in Mirth Connect. This vulnerability allows for remote, unauthenticated execution of arbitrary code.

All versions of Mirth Connect before version 4.4.1 are affected by this security flaw.

While the risk is notably lower for Mirth Connect instances that are not accessible from the Internet (which is the recommended configuration), it is still advisable to avoid using versions older than 4.4.1. We strongly recommend upgrading to version 4.4.1 or later as soon as possible to mitigate this vulnerability.

Download previous releases of Mirth Connect

The following versions of Mirth Connect are deprecated and, for security reasons, we do not recommend their use in production environments. They are listed for reference and archival purposes and only the most recent update of each one is included.

Older versions

All versions of Mirth Connect and other downloads can be found in NextGen archived downloads page and in NextGen Healthcare download page.

Download Administrator Launcher for Mirth Connect

Mirth Connect Administrator Launcher is a tool that allows the management to multiple Mirth Connect from a single place. It can be downloaded from the download Administrator Launcher page.

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