Download Mirth Connect Administrator Launcher (MCAL)

All versions of Mirth® Connect Administrator Launcher for Windows, Linux and Mac from their official links from NextGen® Healthcare.

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The Administrator Launcher simplifies managing connections to multiple Mirth Connect servers from a single, convenient location. This tool enables the management of various connections to Mirth Connect server administrators, allowing launches independent of the Java version installed. It’s compatible with all Mirth Connect versions starting from version 2.0.

Download Administrator Launcher 1.4

The latest version of Mirth Connect Administrator Launcher is 1.4.1, released on 31 July 2023.



Mac OS X

Previous versions of Administrator Launcher

Outdated versions

All versions of Mirth Connect Administrator Launcher (MCAL) and other downloads can be found in NextGen archived downloads page and in NextGen Healthcare download page.

Download Mirth Connect

If you are looking for a version of Mirth Connect, you can find it on our Mirth Connect download page

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