Enhancing Healthcare with Neurodiagnostic Equipment Integration

Client Overview

We’re in partnership with Spain’s leading neurodiagnostic equipment distributor, a key player in the national healthcare landscape.

The Challenge

Our client needed to integrate their electromedical equipment with various hospital systems. This required handling patient data and appointment scheduling, and efficiently transmitting diagnostic results back to the hospitals. Each hospital presented unique requirements and scalability challenges, necessitating a flexible and tailored approach. The integration involved diverse communication methods, including databases, web services, proprietary software, and the HL7 protocol.

The Solution

With our Meditecs MT Smart Connect technology, we enabled multiple on-site deployments in hospitals. Our approach harmonized the interoperability between hospital systems and electromedical devices, ensuring a smooth information flow. We tailored each integration to hospital-specific needs, going beyond standard protocols to create custom solutions for each setting.

Follow Up

To date, we’ve successfully integrated three types of electromedical devices across over ten hospitals. We continue to offer support and maintenance for these integrations, ensuring optimal functionality and enhancing hospital operations. Our commitment to delivering effective healthcare equipment integration solutions is a testament to our dedication to improving patient care and operational efficiency in healthcare settings.

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