Regional-Level Comprehensive Integration for Madrid Public Hospital

Client Overview

Our client is a large public hospital based in Madrid. This hospital is characterized by its extensive healthcare services and its constant commitment to technological advancements in patient care.

The Challenge

The hospital faced a significant challenge as it transitioned to a new corporate Regional Healthcare Information System (HIS), known as HCIS. This involved integrating existing departmental solutions with the HCIS through files and databases. A key aspect of this integration was converting data to the HL7 format for effective communication with departmental solutions. Additionally, it was crucial to handle a variety of HL7 v2 events for thorough monitoring of patient locations.

This task also entailed merging demographic and healthcare activity data with the previous HIS, essential for maintaining key functionalities, particularly in inpatient and emergency areas. A notable challenge was incorporating patients’ food allergy information into the system, along with other critical patient data.

The Solution

To tackle this complex issue, we first conducted detailed interoperability consulting. Our two-pronged strategy included developing a customized training program for hospital staff on the integration process and the new HIS. We also implemented our advanced integration engine, MT Smart Connect, to effectively integrate the legacy departmental solutions with the new HIS.

The solution also involved updating internal processes for syncing information with the hospital’s databases and introducing sophisticated, automated validation tools.

Moreover, we established a monitoring and preventive maintenance service, supported by a comprehensive incident management system. This all-encompassing strategy ensures the integration’s durability and efficiency, handling around 300,000 HL7 messages monthly and serving over 400,000 patients.

Follow up

Years later, this solution continues to significantly enhance the hospital’s operations. It enables smooth integration between the new HIS and the hospital’s existing departmental solutions, thus substantially improving healthcare service delivery.

Our ongoing collaboration with this Madrid-based public hospital underscores our dedication to delivering customized, high-quality integration solutions for healthcare institutions.

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