Optimizing Clinical Data Management with Advanced Terminology Server Integration

Client Overview

We partnered with a healthcare technology firm specializing in clinical information management through a state-of-the-art medical terminology server. This server excels in encoding vital clinical data using various medical classifications, such as ICD and SNOMED.

The Challenge

The client aimed to integrate their medical terminology server with the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) of Spain’s leading private hospital chain. The ESB utilized a Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) interface, requiring a compatible and efficient integration solution for flawless clinical data exchange.

The Solution

Our response was the creation of an interoperability solution, crafted using Meditecs’ MT Smart Connect integration engine. This development ensured smooth communication between the medical terminology server and the hospital chain’s ESB. It interacted with the terminology server via a RESTful API and provided a FHIR interface to effectively communicate with the client’s ESB.


Integrating the clinical terminology server with Spain’s foremost private hospital chain was a significant stride in optimizing clinical information management. This successful solution showcases our dedication to harnessing technology for better healthcare communication and delivery.

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