Streamlining Assisted Reproduction Services with Advanced Software Integration

Client Overview

We partnered with a top healthcare software provider specializing in management systems for assisted reproduction clinics. Their innovative solutions require seamless integration with diverse hospital systems to optimize healthcare delivery.

The Challenge

Assisted reproduction units often rely on external software for effective management. Our client’s software needed to be integrated with hospital systems, covering patient records, appointments, lab data, and results. The integration had to support HL7 messaging protocols and communicate via the client’s REST API.

The solution

Meditecs’ MT Smart Connect, our bespoke integration engine, was customized for each hospital’s unique requirements. The integration process included:

  • initial setup,
  • custom adaptation,
  • rigorous testing,
  • final deployment.

This extensive process required significant resources: 400 hours for initial development, plus 30 hours for each hospital-specific customization. Additionally, we also pledged continuous support for each integrated installation, ensuring efficient and reliable operations.

Follow up

We now maintain successful integrations for the client across over 20 hospitals in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, including:

  • nine in Spain,
  • one in Abu Dhabi (UAE),
  • one clinic in India.

These integrations have greatly enhanced workflow efficiency within assisted reproduction units. Our client’s software now seamlessly interacts with hospital systems, elevating the quality of care in this vital field. This achievement reflects our commitment to providing high-quality, custom integration solutions.

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