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MT Smart ASTM for Mirth® Connect

The MT Smart ASTM Extension for Mirth Connect is a user-friendly tool that simplifies connections between Mirth Connect and devices utilizing the E1381 ASTM communication protocol. This extension introduces two new connectors: “ASTM Listener” and “ASTM Sender”, that facilitate efficient ASTM data transfer through Mirth Connect channels.

Key Features

Unlock multiple benefits by strategically improving interoperability within your healthcare ecosystem.

New ASTM Connectors: The extension includes the “ASTM Listener” and “ASTM Sender” connectors for Mirth Connect.
Graphical Configuration Interface: A clear GUI for setting up your ASTM communications.
Template Use: Outgoing message templates available for Channel Destination.
High Performance: Asynchronous message reception and dispatching ensures timely processing.
Special Character Encoding: Support for special character encoding (CP-1252).
Versatile TCP Connections: Operate as either a client or server.
Port Flexibility: Supports multiple connections on the same port.
Message Management: Use Source and Destination connectors to easily send, receive, and modify ASTM messages.
Combined Use: The Listener and Sender can share the same ASTM connection to communicate with the ASTM device.
Protocol Handling: Seamless management of the ASTM E1381 communication protocol.
Memory Efficiency: Optimized for minimal memory consumption.
Robust Error Management: Provides efficient error detection and reporting for incoming messages.
Serial Communication Compatibility: Fully compatible with serial communication (a serial-to-TCP converter is required).
Compatibility notes

Serial ASTM Integration
Compatible with serial ASTM communication when using serial to TCP converters, e.g., MOXA® converters.

Roche Messages Support
Compatible with messages based on frame structures from Roche Elecsys® and Cobas®.

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