MT Smart Connect

Healthcare Integration, smarter.

Leveraging the solid foundation of Mirth Connect and enriched with advanced features, MT Smart Connect offers a seamless and smart approach to integrate healthcare systems.

MT Smart Connect streamlines healthcare integrations

Backed by over a decade of experience, it reduces costs and accelerates go-live timelines. Built on the robust foundation of Mirth Connect and enhanced with advanced features, its adaptable design works with any vendor, standard, or technology. Discover improved team collaboration and smarter, cost-effective integrations with MT Smart Connect.

Seamless Interoperability

Easily connect all healthcare ecosystem systems together.


With our service-centric approach, switch or add any integrated system without affecting the rest. Change your LIS or add a new system with just configuration adjustments.

Meets All Healthcare Standards

Compatible with any healthcare messaging standard and version, as HL7 v2, FHIR, DICOM, ASTM, GDT, and non-standard formats.​

Any Tech, No Problem

Seamlessly integrate with SOAP web services, REST APIs, SFTP, oAuth, and MLLP/TCP communications, whether it’s database info, JSON, XML, CSV, or plain text files.​

Deploy Anywhere

Set up MT Smart Connect on-site, in your data center, cloud, or even hybrid environments and navigate multi-center scenarios with ease.

Our Services

Based on MT Smart Connect

All steps of the integration process

Medical Technology Integration

Seamlessly integrate medical technology. From analysis to post-delivery, our expert team and proven technology will assist at each step of the process.

Get the assistance of our team

Interoperability Consulting

Strategically enhance your interoperability status to reduce issues, save costs, facilitate maintenance, and prepare for growth with the assistance of our specialized team.

Bid requirements into opportunities

Tender and Bid Consulting

As a bidder, secure tenders by turning integrations into opportunities.
As a tenderer, attract top bidders with clear interoperability requirements.

Meditecs MT Smart Connect

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How it works

Step 1: Smart Integration Modelling

Integrations can be complex, hard to maintain, and tied to specific systems. MT Smart Connect employs a proven methodology, modeling these integrations into systems, services, and routes, ensuring seamless and efficient data flow.

Step 2: Vendor-neutral Messaging Management

Incoming messages are transformed into a vendor-neutral format regardless of their source, tailoring each communication to its specific requirements. This guarantees clean and precise data processing, routing, and exchange among all integrated systems.

Step 3: Delivery to Destination Systems

After processing, the output messages are adapted to meet the specific requirements of the target systems. This ensures that information reaches its destination in the correct format and timely manner, guaranteeing compatibility and efficient communication.

Diagram of steps of deploying MT Smart Connect.

Step 4: Fast Validation and Deployment

MT Smart Connect is designed for effortless validation. Minimize time and costs by reducing future issues through comprehensive testing. Safely deploy to production, ensuring data protection and maintaining consistent setups with smart environment management.

Step 5: Easy Maintenance and Monitoring

MT Smart Connect provides a more cost-effective solution compared to alternative methods, simplifying maintenance and modifications of integrated systems and routes. Additionally, its advanced monitoring module streamlines report creation, audits, and early issue detection.

Tailored for You

Powered by MT Smart Connect

Unlock new opportunities

Medical Technology Vendors

Integrate with healthcare systems to unlock opportunities, reduce costs, and outpace competitors. Empower exceptional care.

Boost coordination

Diagnostic Services Providers

Leverage healthcare integration for enhanced diagnostic accuracy, streamlined workflows, and improved care coordination.

Enhance patients outcome

Healthcare Services Providers

Streamline healthcare with integration for better coordination, efficiency, and patient data insight. Embrace today’s revolution.

Built on

Mirth Connect

At the core of MT Smart Connect is Mirth Connect, a trusted and reliable integration engine, enhanced by over a decade of experience in healthcare system integration and a proven integration methodology.

Key Features

Unlock multiple benefits by strategically improving interoperability within your healthcare ecosystem

Advanced Messaging Management

Designed for high-volume messaging from diverse systems, offering unique configurations for each.

Semantic and Syntactic Validation

Verify incoming messages by assessing both their structural format and content, ensuring consistency, and adherence to set standards.

Repeated Message Control

Detect and handle duplicate or repeated messages, even if identifiers differ, so your integration remains unaffected.

Delayed Message Handling

Delayed messages can be problematic. MT Smart Connect spots and cleverly manages latecomers.

Message Sequencing

Disorganized message receipt can skew data processing. Keep things orderly with timed processing windows.

Acknowledgment Handling

Say goodbye to managing confirmation messages. Easily set up receipt confirmations configured for each integrated system.

Retry Policies

Define retry strategies for momentary system or network glitches to ensure smooth operations.

First-class Monitoring and Performance

A full-fledged, customizable monitoring system to keep track of integration events and system issues.

Functional Error Monitoring

Spot system issues with detection of functional errors to ensure seamless integration operations.

Message Monitoring

Detect activity changes, processing errors, and gather custom statistics from events to patients, orders, and reports to keep everything running smoothly.

Server Variable Monitoring

Stay a step ahead! Spot potential bottlenecks with advanced monitoring of all server and database variables.

Improved Performance

Our holistic integration approach boosts system performance, lowering the demands on RAM, CPU, and disk space.

Security & Information Protection

Healthcare demands top-notch data security. Ensure your integrations deliver.

Message Disposal

Align with personal data protection policies. Set up message disposal policies to protect processed personal information.

Audit-Ready Trace Database

A comprehensive activity log for trustworthy and secure auditing of your integration processes.

Meditecs MT Smart Connect

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