Medical Technology Integration

Achieve efficient and cost-effective healthcare with seamless integration and connectivity

Automate workflows and improve patient care with our cost-effective interoperability solutions. They enable quick data exchange, ensuring vital information is accessible when needed. Our method streamlines medical technology integration, saving you time and money, especially for recurring integrations.

Our Approach to Medical Devices Integration

At Meditecs, we use our knowledge, tech, and full understanding of healthcare integration to accurately guide you through each step of the integration process.


Leverage our global experience in integrating systems from multiple vendors. Our in-house method offers fast, detailed design and accurate cost estimation for your integration projects.

Development and Configuration

Our MT Smart Connect technology enables custom integrations with any hospital system. Thorough testing and robust procedures guarantee integrations that precisely meet your requirements.


We collaborate with hospital tech teams for quick, reliable integration. Our proven track record in many hospitals streamlines paperwork, allowing you to confidently deliver your solution.

Support & Maintenance

Our post-delivery team continuously monitors your integrations, identifying and resolving issues before they impact operations, ensuring smooth, uninterrupted functionality.

Key Features of Our Integration Service

Choosing our medical technology integration service gives you access to key features that streamline your workflows and improve patient outcomes.

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Interoperability with Existing Systems

Our solutions smoothly integrate with your existing infrastructure, enhancing your current investments, connecting different platforms, and maintaining data consistency across your network.

Seamless Data Exchange

Facilitate critical information exchange between medical devices and existing systems in any format, enabling prompt decision-making and minimizing delays.

Wide Compatibility

Our integration service is compatible with all devices and technologies, including medical software like HIS or LIS, imaging systems like PACS, electromedical equipment, and medical cloud applications.


We prioritize patient data protection. Our integration service includes strict security measures to secure sensitive information and adhere to privacy regulations.

System-Oriented Integration

Our solutions ensure reliable integrations by monitoring and logging errors, identifying their sources. Our approach facilitates easy scalability, allowing for simple addition or removal of systems as needed.

Robust Integration Technology

Our Mirth Connect-based integration technology, MT Smart Connect, offers a reliable base for your integration requirements. Its proven framework ensures resource efficiency and superior performance.

Benefits for You

Unlock new opportunities

Medical Technology Vendors

Integrate with healthcare systems to unlock opportunities, reduce costs, and outpace competitors. Empower exceptional care.

Boost coordination

Diagnostic Services Providers

Leverage healthcare integration for enhanced diagnostic accuracy, streamlined workflows, and improved care coordination.

Enhance patients outcome

Healthcare Services Providers

Streamline healthcare with integration for better coordination, efficiency, and patient data insight. Embrace today’s revolution.

Integrating your way


Our on-premise solution keeps the integration engine within your hospital, offering full control over personal data, leveraging existing infrastructure, and ensuring seamless integration with internal network interfaces.

Integrating your way


Our cloud-based integration service allows for quick deployment and a fully managed experience. It’s ideal for cloud-to-cloud or cloud-to-public interface integrations, ensuring secure and anonymous data exchange.

Integrate anything!

Use Any Healthcare Standards

Our expertise extends to various healthcare standards and technologies, including:

HL7 V2.X
ASTM E1381
IHE profiles

Integrate Any System

Our integration services cover any healthcare system, including:

Medical devices
Electromedicine equipment
Medical software and platforms
Imaging and modalities
Medical cloud and apps

Healthcare Integrations Maintenance & Support

Understanding the importance of integration maintenance for seamless healthcare operations, our support services focus on keeping your systems optimal. We practice preventive maintenance to identify and resolve issues early, minimizing disruptions, reducing risks, enhancing performance, and lowering costs. This proactive strategy improves satisfaction for both hospital staff and patients.

We are passionate about empowering healthcare organizations

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